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frequently asked questions

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What is Undercurrents?

    The mission of Undercurrents is to connect fans with bands.  We accomplish this by showcases, e-mails and special promotions.  We also assist musicians with music services, tips and ideas.

     Since 1989, Undercurrents has provided musicians and bands a vehicle to “show their stuff”.  We have done this via our annual live showcases and now, more recently, our monthly and  quarterly regional showcases.  In addition, Undercurrents has Regional Directors to help develop a network of gig swaps for bands, organize the monthly educational forums and promote their quarterly showcase.  These regional directors are located in cities all over North America.

    The Undercurrents mission is simple - bring fans to the bands and showcase bands to the fans.  EASY!  We give music fans a cool new way to discover new music.

     Undercurrents is about letting the music speak for itself, and letting the artist speak directly to their fans. We remain committed to the independent musician and will continue to bring you the future of music.  We guarantee you'll find something you've never heard before.

Click here to find more about us.

Where is Undercurrents?

We internationally promote music but primarily in North America.  We have regional directors in a multitude of cities.  Our national office is located in Cleveland, Ohio.

Click here to contact a Regional Director in your area.

How do I showcase at Undercurrents?

Undercurrents is currently accepting registration for musicians and bands who are interested in being considered for a showcase.  (click here for your showcase application)

When are the showcase artists going to be announced?

Currently we are evaluating artists / groups for one or more of the many Undercurrents showcase.   We will notify each applicant via letter and e-mail that we have received your material.  Please keep us updated with your musical career.

Who's going to be at Undercurrents?

This question is always asked... and if you didn't think to ask it, you shouldn't be here.  We hold a variety of events throughout the world including monthly forums, quarterly showcases, internet showcases, and our annual national event which includes national showcases, seminars and a trade show.

The participants for each event are as varied as the types of music being showcased.

If we were to predict the future, we would expect a similar set of industry professionals as those who have participated in the past.  For example, click here for music industry personnel who have participated with Undercurrents in the past as panelists.   Click here for musicians or bands who have participated with  Undercurrents in the past as showcasers.

Who's showcasing at Undercurrents?

We're always reviewing Artists and new artists are selcted monthly.  Click here to see past showcasers.  Click here to find out how to showcase.

What Record Labels are going to be at Undercurrents?

Undercurrents attracts various music industry personnel to the event. It's hard to say who's going to show up at any of our showcases. Check out www.undercurrents.com/pastyears.html to see who has participated in an Undercurrents event. I must mention, that many label people do not like to participate on panels and get "swamped" by artists. Many just obtain a wristband for the evening showcases.

What's the history of Undercurrents?

Click here to take a look at Past Years.

What if I am not a member of a Performing Rights Society?

Selection of Undercurrents Showcase Artists does not take into consideration whether you are a member of a Performing Rights Society unless there is a tie in the selection process.  If you are a song writer, we recommend you join one.

How do I get college credit?

Undercurrents offers college credit for our music business forums/courses.  All credit is offered through Cuyahoga Community College.

Click here to request more info

Hey, can you give me (fill in artist name)'s email address / home address / phone number?

The answer to this should be fairly obvious. In order to protect the privacy of our artists, we do not give out their personal information for any reason.





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