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The following are Undercurrents banners that you may use on your website, it is important that you do NOT serve these banners from our servers as we change the location of the banners on a regular basis.  You must first save the banner to your computer and then upload it to your website in order to use them!

Thanks for your understanding and please contact us if you have any questions kmiles@undercurrents.com . We will be placing up more new banners and pop-ups in the near future! 

In order to link them on your website simply use this format as the hyperlink: 


Undercurrents follows IAB/CASIE Standard Banner Sizes

234 x 60 Pixels (Half Banner) 

120 x 60 Pixels 
(Button 2) 

125 x 125 Pixels 
(Square Button) 

88 x 31 Pixels 
(Micro Button) 


468 X 60 Pixels (Full Banner) 

392 x 72 Pixels (Full Banner with Vertical Navigation Bar) 

120 x 240 Pixels 
(Vertical Banner) 

120 x 90 Pixels 
(Button 1) 

Other Sizes:

120 x 30

468 x 60

468 x 125



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