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radio promotion service

The Undercurrents radio promotion rates are probably the lowest in the industry for the same high quality comparative record promotion service that you might find elsewhere.

At the same time, you should understand that you also need someone to handle the press for you that is vital for supporting any radio airplay you get. After all, if you do obtain airplay in a given area, yet, there are no press interviews or music reviews you are getting in the same geographical area of the station, your airplay is going to be severely limited in terms of how long any station is willing to play your recording, as opposed to having the press interviews and reviews that will serve to extend and help support the airplay.

As we also serve as print media publicists, we are willing to also work this end of it for you as well. So, our rates are: $150 per week for radio promotion and publicity, on a worldwide level, online and offline.

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