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video scripting service

This includes an original concept of your music, along with the actual script written in a professional format. It is one of the areas that most independent musicians are completely unaware of and unfamiliar with, yet, is readily available to them.

And, it is one of the most fruitful because independent music video show producers are, practically, begging for simple music videos to play on their local or regional shows.

To get started with producing your music video for airing on local and regional music shows, it does not need to be a big high-dollar production like you see on the national video networks such as MTV or VH-1.

Instead, it can be very affordable since you are only concentrating on local and regional markets for now. You can start by contacting the film department or mass communication department at a nearby college, and ask to be put in touch with students who are majoring in film.

It will cost you only a few dollars (if that) to have your video professionally produced and edited with state-of-the-art film equipment. After it is produced and edited, you can then make copies and have them sent to music video shows all across the country, and even the world for airing.

And, my fee is only $100 (compared to an industry standard of $700 or more) for creating both an original concept to your music, and the professionally formatted video script for your video director to shoot from.

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