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How does an artist get to showcase?  Attitude

  • First and foremost... Undercurrents is looking for quality.  We're not called the anti-suck commission for nothing.  Undercurrents is focusing on artist development.  Showcasing is a segment of artist and product development.  If you and your music are not quite ready, then we will try to help you get ready, but you will NOT be considered for a showcase.  One way we want to help is through our free educational forums - www.undercurrents.com/forums.html
  • We're looking for artists who are committed to their musical careers, practice, write constantly, perform live, know that success is not overnight, and compose great songs.  If you fit the criteria, then Undercurrents would like to partner with you to maximize your promotion, exposure and cash flow.
  • Artists need to understand and accept the Undercurrents business model.  We want to maximize profits for artists as well as for Undercurrents.  Our model  combines the functions of a performance promoter, record label, management company, publisher, and merchandiser into a single entity.
  • Undercurrents signs artists to short-term deals in which the artists retain complete ownership of the masters.  Undercurrents will only license (lease) your art / music for a limited time.  Artists create their own recordings, and Undercurrents takes this music to market in digital and hard formats, creates merchandise to sell, and provides management and touring logistics for live performances.
  • Undercurrents increases the potential return on investment for each artist signed by aligning the interests of the artist, manager, label, and publisher into a single entity that splits all the revenue streams.  This model is based on lowering the cost of production, distribution, and promotion for all parties; to minimize the risk of financing a new act;  and maximize potential return.   If you have any questions, regarding this, please write music@undercurrents.com.

Should you be considered ???

Steps for Showcase Consideration

Artists must submit data online by simply filling in the information on the screen.   www.undercurrents.com/showcase.html  The items required to complete the application process are:

  1. Showcase Application Form
  2. Three demos tracks
  3. Biography
  4. Photo

Artists have the option of linking their demos, bio and photos from their own website. 

Link your site to www.undercurrents.com

* “Undercurrents Showcase Application Form”  If for some reason the applicant can’t submit an application online there is a printable form available. 

This completes the first step in the showcase * artist development application process.  This information will be used to link and process the demo CD, bio, and photo when received.  Upon receipt of all the materials required the Undercurrents Application Evaluation Process will be initiated. 

The application process will not be completed if all the requested information has not been received  from the artist.  Internet links are certainly preferable to snail mail.  Submissions may be send with CDs, Bios or Photos to Undercurrents @ P.O. Box 94040, Cleveland, Ohio  44101-6040. ONLY AFTER  Undercurrents Receives all required materials will the artist be evaluated and considered for a showcase.  All material is not returned. 


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