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Site Information

    Musicians by group have the highest per-capita of Internet users among any demographic group. Undercurrents.com's visitors, at a minimum, own a computer and are working to advance their music careers. More than 50% of our visitors have at least 10 years experience in music.

    Our visitors are approximately 65% male. Most are independent musicians. The balance are people involved in other aspects of the music business (print, radio, management) or music fans. The largest segment by age bracket is 26-35 year olds, followed by 19-25. The vast majority play a musical instrument. Most have, or are planning to record, an independent CD.

    We have built trust and loyalty with our viewers, and that translates into opportunity for you, the sponsor. We believe our viewership is among the top markets for music related products, both online and offline. Start your Undercurrents.com sponsorship now, and reap the benefits.

    We offer frequency discounts.

    We are occasionally open to joint ventures or or other cooperative efforts. For sponsorship assistance, please e-mail sponsor@undercurrents.com>

    Undercurrents retains the right to reject ad request based on ad content.

Banner advertising is available at Undercurrents.

Our rates are:

Full banner (468x60): 5 cents per page view
($500 USD per 10,000)

Square Button (125X125) 3 cents per page view
($300 USD per 10,000)

Button 2 (120x60):2 cents per page view
($200 USD per 10,000)

Minimum order is for 10,000 page views.  

(members rates click here)

We are also interested in banner exchanges. To enquire further, please contact us at music@undercurrents.com or at:   Undercurrents, P.O. Box 94040, Cleveland, OH  44101.

Undercurrents accepts the following IAB/CASIE standard creative sizes:

Banner (468x60)

Pixel Width: 468

Pixel Height: 60

Maximum File Size: 20k

Enhanced File Size: 25k

Maximum Animation Loop: 3x


Square Button (125x125)

Pixel Width: 125

Pixel Height: 125

Maximum File Size: 10k

Enhanced File Size: 25k

Maximum Animation Loop: 3x



Button 2 (120x60)

Pixel Width: 120

Pixel Height: 60

Maximum File Size: 5K

Enhanced File Size: n/a 

Maximum Animation Loop: 3x


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