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sponsor benefits

  1. Company Logo on Event Brochures / Flyers / Posters

  2.  Company Logo on Event Postcards and Invitations

  3.  Company Logo on Event Print Advertising

  4.  Company Logo in Event Booklet

  5.  Mention of Company on Radio, Television and Cable spots

  6.  Mention of Company from Stage by Emcee

  7.  Company Logo Prominently Displayed on the Event Website

  8.  Presenting Recognition on Event News Releases

  9.  Signage at Event

  10.  Company Name on Ticket

  11.  Table for Literature at Event

  12.  Option to have a Raffle Giveaway at Event

  13.  Promotion of Raffle Giveaway on Event Website

  14.  Explanation of Company and Benefits during Raffle at the Event

  15.  Coupon in the Event Booklet Coupon Section

  16.  Website Internet Promotion, Driving Traffic to Sponsors Website

  17.  Hyperlink to Company’s Website from Event Website

  18.  Leverage Media Sponsors

  19.  VIP Table

  20.  Free Tickets

  21.  Direct mail with Coupon

  22.  Sponsor Employees get Ticket Discount

  23.  T-Shirt Inclusion

  24.  Commemorative Poster

  25.  Right of First Refusal for Upcoming Events

  26.  Exclusivity

Sponsor Benefits
Sponsor Levels
Titanium Sponsor
Platinium Sponsor
Gold Sponsor
Silver Sponsor
Bronze Sponsor
Seminar Sponsor
Showcase Sponsor
Trade Show Sponsor
Festival Booth Sponsor
Buzz Bag Sponsor
Media Sponsor
Trade Sponsor
Specialty Sponsor



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