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sample press release


Headline - Be creative. One sentence. Use proper title case, capitalizing every word except for the following: of, it, the, a, an, from …

City, State,  Month, Day, Year - Grab their attention here. A strong introductory paragraph should cover who, what, when, where, why and how.

Put the body of your press release here. Expound on the information provided in your introductory paragraph. Include quotes from key staff, customers or subject matter experts.

The body of your press release should contain more than one paragraph. The final paragraph should restate and summarize the key points of your news release.

For additional information (or sample, copy or demo), contact: (include contact information here)

You can include details on product availability, trademark acknowledgment here.

About XYZ Company
Include a short corporate backgrounder.

Contact Person
XYZ Company
http://www.YourWebAddress.com (if applicable)
NOTE: Do not include e-mail address here. (web bots will find you)

Include safe harbor statement (if applicable).




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